News from ???

Much of my work as a public school CTO and as a New Literacies researcher has been around locating and evaluating information online.  Typically this is done through a search engine.  99% of the time this means Google Search.  I am starting to think more and more that we need a version 2.0 of this line of practice and research.  More and more young people are getting their information and news less from typical search websites and more from social networking sites and apps ("Twitter News Consumers: Young, Mobile and Educated").  I am interested in better understanding:

1) How students and young people are locating news and information through these sites? 

2) How does it vary based on the unique affordances of each site? (Twitter v Facebook v Pinterest v Google+ v ???) 

3) How are students and young people evaluating the news and information they access through these sites?

4) How do we perform timely research on these topics with the accelerating pace of New Literacies and the associated technologies?